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Why book a guide

  • Catch more fish
  • Learn something new
    • Learn knowledge about rigging, entomology, etiquette, or a new tactic/technique
  • Learn the water
    • Learn a new river, new water, or gain better understanding of previously fished areas
  • Enjoy a beautiful boat ride down a scenic river
  • It’s Fun - It is an entertaining, educational, and a laughter-filled day on the water with a great meal
  • It’s Easy - The guide does all the work
  • Feed on local knowledge - This includes bug hatches, flies that have been working yesterday and the day before, not just what the internet says will work. Great guides tie flies. These flies are not commercially tied patterns. These flies are homebrewed mad science concoctions that are engineered on the water and at the vise. They may have come from innovation or necessity. These flies flat out catch fish on the toughest of days.
  • Introduce someone new to fly fishing- Takes the pressure off you, they can learn, while you fish. If their first experience is a grand success, they are more like to want to do it again. You may even have an opportunity to catch a fish, because you’re not tying knots, choosing flies, untangling, coaching, teaching, and you can enjoy your fishing time.

What can a seasoned fly fisher gain from hiring a Guide?

Advanced Knowledge

Guides get to open up and spew all the information they have stockpiled in the pursuit of becoming an expert in their field. This is the information they chat with other guides about over a beer at the pub after a long tough trip. Information is pulled from everywhere; books, talks, videos, and especially these secret conversations between guides over a beer or while staring at fly tying vises. When guides get together the wheels start turning and the secrets start spilling. Tapping into this part of a guide’s knowledge is like getting the key to the city or “river” rather.

Get the key to the city!

Local secrets, this isn’t internet hatch charts, rumors on forums or message boards, or facebook/blog post hokum. Now I’m not saying all information online is false. I love blogs and rely on them for entertainment and some knowledge. I love surfing the internet for fishing related information as much as the next guy. But, where else can you find more up to date and pertinent fishing information than a fishing guide that spends multiple days per week on the water? These local secrets include in depth rigging tutorials and explanations of why it is rigged a certain way, “secret” flies, plotting hatch progression, and determining fish location, behavior, and habits. There is no internet shortcut, DVD tutorial, book chapter, or website page that gives cliff notes to this information. Now I am not claiming the internet, facebook, blogs, books or DVD’s don’t have valid information. I am an internet junky, but the most valuable lessons I have ever learned in my fly fishing career have been from other guides and accomplished anglers.

How to book a guide

Be honest about your fly fishing experience- the guide will be able to tell your skill level once you’re on the water.

Ask the guide if they provide waders? Or if you need waders? If you do not already have waders the guide may have a recommendation of brand, feature, and cost.

Does the guide provide gear? Are flies included with the trip? If yes, is there an extra charge for lost flies?

Let your guide know of any food allergies. Even if not cooking, guides may carry snacks, i.e. trail mix, nuts, candy bars, etc.

Let your guide know of any physical limitations/restrictions anyone in the group may have.

Ask if they are 1st Aid/CPR certified, licensed, permitted, and insured.